Friday, April 16, 2010

Beating the Etsy Slump

One of the things I have noticed when people email me to join the team is that they are looking for hints on how to beat the etsy slump.

Well, if I had the hot tip on how to do it, I would definitely be one of those lucky ducks that are featured on the "Quit your day job" section.

What I can do though, is sure the tips for what works for me when I go days and sometimes even weeks without a single etsy sale.

1. Post/renew/relist. It might just be me, but I really believe that the more I list or renew, the more traffic I get. The reason for this is that the more items you have, the higher chance you will be stumbled upon through etsy search. Also, you have a chance of being on the "recently listed" section at the bottom of the front page. 

2. Use twitter. I really really dislike twitter. I kind of, just don't get it. But I do schedule time at least once a week to just sign on to twitter real quick and post the link to an item or advertise when I'm offering free shipping or a special sale. Twitter is a great way to get the word out (even if you don't quite get it..).

3. Add tags! The more tags the better. If you feel like this is something you aren't good at, please feel free to ask for help. I love labeling things! The more tags you have, the higher the chances that the item will pull up during a search.

4. Take time to take good pictures. The better an item is displayed, the better the chances that someone will fall in love with that item.

That's all folks. Have a great weekend and happy sales!


  1. Yes, Happy when sales happen, happy when I am making more items. Not many sales in MONTHS, though. But one LOVELY 4 earring set sale after my treasury was featured on the front page. I think there are so many of us on Etsy now that it takes persistence and really spectacular images/fun items to get noticed. I hope you all get NOTICED! Have a great spring season!

  2. It is hard to get noticed in the mass, especially as a jewelry seller in this area. (There are 4 other gals at my work who make jewelry!)

    I'm going to focus on my prayer beads and glassware accessories this year, there's not as much of a glut in those markets and there seem to be some great opportunities for targeted marketing. Good luck to everyone!