Sunday, May 30, 2010

Custom work on the fly (flap, flap)

Today's market brought my best sales day this season. Yay! I beat Saturday's sales by $5, plus they waived the booth fee due to a lack of traffic. But things are definitely looking up, and I feel remarkably positive about the coming weeks and months.

For one thing, a friend of mine named Steve Hillman made some kickin' earring stands out of black wire CD racks me and my man found while we were out thrifting. Huzzah! No more worries when the breeze picks up! I've spent many a windy afternoon chasing earrings pinned to biz cards as my "Come Fly With Me" winged earrings take themselves too seriously...

Also I made some neckforms out of poster board and spray paint. Crazy, right? I got the plan from Rena Klingenberg's site but instead of covering with cloth or leather I used a textured spray paint. I like the finish, but where you score the folds the paint cracked and you can see yellow. (Next step I'm going to spray them inside and out, keeping them folded. They won't transport as well but they'll look nicer when up. I think.) But the market manager thought I'd bought them, so I guess they stand up to cursory inspection at very least.

But the best moments of the day came from customer interactions. The first was a young man who wanted custom rosaries for himself and his girlfriend. I got an idea of what he was looking for but he didn't have the deposit so we're going to come back next Sunday. In the meanwhile I'll be price-sleuthing to make sure I quote him the right amount!

The second awesome moment was when a gal admired my earrings but said they were too big for her. I asked what her favorite color was, grabbed a star charm and a leverback wire, and 30 seconds later asked, "Is this a good size?" She loved them. (Yay!) She mentioned liking orange and green while I was making her blue ones, and as she left (after exclaiming over the cute packaging I wrapped her purchase in) she said she'll see us next week. Guess that means I need to get some orange and green beads before Sunday!

So yeah... I had a great day at the market. And I can't wait for the sun - and the customers - to come out! Everybody dust off your dancing shoes and do your best sun boogie...

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