Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meet OnBeyondZebra!

Name: Whitney
Location: Port Orchard although I spend 80% of my time in Bremerton
Shop Name: OnBeyondZebra

Tell me a little bit about yourself: Right now I’m going to school to be a teacher at the WWU Kitsap campus. I’m student teaching in a second grade classroom and that takes up a huge chunk of my time. When I’m not at school, I’m usually at home in my pajamas on the computer or watching Lost.

Tell me a little bit about your shop: OnBeyondZebra is the name of an awesome Dr. Seuss book. I bought a pair of snowcone stud earrings once and when I received them, I realized how easy it would be to make something like this on my own. I also knew that I would have to quit my job soon because it conflicted with my future school schedule. Etsy was the way I had planned to supplement my income while going to school full time. I have all sorts of novelty stud earrings, I’m always interested to see which of my earrings people chose to buy. I’m also working hard on being more subjective when buying supplies! What I may not like, others may love and vice versa.

Apart from being a Puget sound etsian, what else do you do? Aside from going to school, student teaching a few days a week and etsy, I also work part time at the Boys and Girls club in Port Orchard.

Tell me about your creative process: Arts and crafts have always been my outlet of choice. A lot of my inspiration comes from my students, my interests and my overall mood. I try hard to take a few hours each week to sit down and get stuff done but I find that I work best when I’m feeling stressed and making earrings or decorating orders is the way for me to unwind.

How do you promote your shop? Facebook, twitter, blogs and business cards. I also did the little black box for a few months but I just find now that I don’t have the time to sit and make that many samples.

Any advice for someone new to etsy?
Be Patient! Also, be active. The more you update/relist/renew the more sales you get. Oh and lastly! Ask for help. There are so many wonderful, experienced salers out there who are so willing to help.

Two items in your shop you would like me to showcase on the blog/facebook page:

Double Vanilla Cupcake earrings, one of my favorite treats. {Found here}

And French Fry Bobby Pins {found here}

Anything else you would like to share?
I’m working hard to get this team up and running. I know we’ll never be a huge team but I love meeting and supporting local artists and I think we can do great things!

Now, remember to send in your answers and the link to your items so you can be featured next :)

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  1. I love the french fry pins! Are there cupcake pins???