Friday, July 30, 2010

What Can You Do?

Hey folks, this is going to be quick since I have to go finish cleaning out my old apartment. (Yep, finishing up yet another move...) But I wanted to take a moment and share something important I just found.

We're all aware that there are homeless in Kitsap, for example we all see them on the side of the road holding signs. Some people say we should give them money because they need it and it's a good way to directly address the problem. Others say it's a bad idea because you don't know what the money is going to.

I don't want to dictate anyone's behavior or say what's right or wrong, but I just found a great resource that can help each of us help fight homelessness and poverty in Kitsap County - effectively and directly. It's a list, put out by the Kitsap Continuum of Care, of 56 ways to help the homeless in Kitsap County. I found it at the Bremerton Foodline website:

The list also cites a number of trusted and respected organizations that are doing a lot to address poverty in Kitsap, so you can use this list as a springboard for other activities too.

Pass it around to your friends and family. Know a teen planning a senior project? A Girl or Boy Scout with a service project? Is your church group or other organization planning some service work? Do you give money or time during the holiday season? This is a great resource for all of these things.

So take a peek, save it to your computer, print a copy, email it to friends, and otherwise spread the word.

And remember it was Margaret Mead who once said, "Never forget that a small group of committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet keeleybehling

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I'd like to introduce you all to Keely. Our newest team member. 

Name: Keeley Behling
Location: Bremerton, WA
Shop Name: Keeley Behling-Creatively having fun

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I grew up in Kitsap county and love this area. I married my Jr. High sweet heart and we are about to celebrate our third anniversary. We just purchased our first home and are in the process of moving in and making it feel like ours.

Tell me a little bit about your shop:

I started selling on etsy about a month and a half ago. I consider my shop a modge podge of really different things. I love to make so many different items, most of which I haven't even begun to add to my shop. My parents always had three or four different projects going at the same time. Unfortunately I think I have inherited that same gene.

Apart from being a Puget sound etsian, what else do you do?

My parents have always encouraged creativity and it's such a huge passion for me. Some things I enjoy are gardening, interior design and decorating, going to the drive in, watercolor, three demensional design, pottery making with my dad, scrapbooking, paper making, crochet, decorating our new home, making Christmas ornaments, going to the Puyallup Fair and looking at all of the art exhibits, photography, relief counseling for Royal Family Kids Camp, and spending time with my husband and our kid, Cody (our dog).

Recently I have been helping my mom make 11 memory books for exchange students from Basque country (thru Impact Basque an organization founded in Kitsap county). My mom and a few other people take pictures of the teens that are here for a month and then we make memory books for each student to give to them the last day they are here to take home with them. My favorite part is putting the books together because instead of helping with the just one event, I get to see what every student has done with their host family for an entire month. By the time all of the books are done I feel like I know each student well.

Tell me about your creative process:

My creative process is...well...a mess. You can ask my husband. He jokingly calls my process Krap with a K for Keeley. I tend to leave my projects in piles all over the house. For me, my ideas normally start with something very unoriginal. I then over the course of days or weeks mold whatever sparked my creative thoughts and make it my own idea. I also find starting a project and then leaving it for a day or two, then coming back to it helps me to refine my process, thus the piles.

How do you promote your shop?

Currently I promote my shop with friends, facebook, and I try to read forums, refine what I am doing in my shop, create treasuries, and make comments on etsy.

Any advice for someone new to etsy?

Good tags, good pictures, good description and policies. Read what others have found successful to do on etsy and see if it applies to your shop. I found as I refined what I was doing in my shop that my sales have come quicker. Also posting one or two new items everyday seems to help with traffic flow.

Two items in your shop you would like me to showcase on the blog/facebook page:
Warm and fuzzy crocheted throw blanket {found here}
Wooden gift tags {found here}