Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beauty of Barter

This weekend I was out at the Future Festival in Bremerton. Sadly, the new location was not as good as the old one. (Last year, this was my best festival all year. This year... Not so much.)

I had some great neighbors, including a couple gals next to me who bartered their services for goods with myself and several other vendors. Which brings me to ask the question:

Do you like to barter?

Share your experiences, your preferences, your philosophy. Do you usually barter for basic needs? Or do your trades usually go toward "extras" that you wouldn't necessarily pay cash for?

I like to barter for things like henna that I don't have room for in my budget. I get free word-of-mouth advertising, too. I'd like to do more barter, in particular for food and other important goods.

Barter helps maintain the value of the goods themselves, because it establishes a true value for goods, not one based on artificial paper money standards. It helps local economies because it encourages local trade. And it can open up new markets for goods that would not otherwise sell.

What do you think of bartering?

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