Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to stop in and give you an update on some team info as well as info about a Christmas Bazaar in Port Orchard.

First things first, I sent a team update into Etsy on September 3rd but was told that they are changing the way the team page is structured and now, instead of having to email them everytime I need to add a new team to the list, pretty soon it will work where I can go in and edit the info myself. I'm just not sure when this will be happening for sure because according to their email, they are in the process of still testing this process.

I just wanted to let you know incase you have NOT been added to the list just yet. I'm on top of it, I promise. Even if it doesn't always look like it :) 

Now, I received some info in the mail yesterday about the Christmas Bazaar at the Fraternal Order of Eagles here in Port Orchard. I had a table at this bazaar last year and the experience was great.

The dates are December 3rd and 4th (Friday and Saturday) and the price is $25 for BOTH days. 

If you are interested, contact Michelle Manicci 
phone: 360-876-2800

Ok, I think that's everything. 

As always, feel free to contact me at any time with questions!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learn to make this necklace

I had the good luck to drop my card at my local JoAnn's store right before their jewelry teacher decided to move on. So they gave me a call and after a lengthy interview, hired me to teach jewelry making classes!

The first project we're doing is the "Ribbon and Chain Necklace," and the first class will be this upcoming Tuesday from 1-4 pm. If you're interested, call the store at 360.692.1300 or go in to the store on Silverdale Way for deets or to sign up.

Going forward I'm putting my schedule on my personal blog so you can see what's going on for two or three weeks at a time. (Oh btw, I'm working on getting my site up; the blog came first but I'm still fighting with the rest.) Hope to see you some time!